Lets talk about divorce.

I have to ask – where area all my single or divorced parents at?!

I wanted to do a little research on single/divorced parent blogging, so naturally, I took to Google and let me tell you, it wasn’t as easy finding this niche as I thought.  Divorce now a days is more common than it previously was – so I figured, someone HAS to be blogging about it.  Well, I can’t find one – or at least, one that has really drawn me in.

Current Divorce Blogs

Now, don’t get me wrong – there are definitely some single/divorced parent blogs out there – it’s not like they don’t exists.  But there are few and far between and the ones that I did find included impersonal posts that just weren’t relatable.

I found posts that included, “the top 5 lessons from divorce, what not to do during a divorce, how to tell your children about divorce” – all these posts sounded more from a therapists point of view than from the person who sat there and had to maneuver through life as a newly divorced person.

Why are we not talking publicly about divorce?

Statistics show that there are more of us than there once was – so why aren’t we talking publicly about it?  Is it the shame that comes with the word “divorce?” Is it the stigma that is put on us for being divorced – especially a divorced mom?  Is it because we see divorce as a “failure” and don’t want to admit it?  Or is it because society sees divorce as something so negative that we shouldn’t discuss it openly?

Why are we still ashamed of talking about divorce publicly?

Well, let me tell you something! . . . It’s time we come out of hiding.  It’s time we celebrate our freedom.  It’s time we share our triumph over hardship.  It’s time we sit down, turn on our computers and start talking about what we have overcome without shame or guilt.

Lets make it better – starting here!

Divorce/separation is a long, hard, and lonely road.  So why are we making it even more isolating?  The truth is – we never know who we can help by sharing our journey with others.  So, Wayward Dash readers, my Pioneers – I’m promising you that here – I WILL talk about my divorce.  I will not only give you tips and tricks on how to deal with certain situations, but I will give you an insight look at my personal struggles and my personal situations and how I handled them.  Here, you will get a REAL inside look into the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between because the truth is – that’s life! Divorce happens!

So here I am Pioneers . . . I’m 33. I’m a mother. I’m a sister. I’m a daughter. I’m a friend. I’m a working professional in the marketing field.  I’m passionate.  I’m creative.  I’m a DIYer.  I’m hard working.  I’m a writer. I’m a dreamer. I’m a loyal.  I’m genuine.  I’m sensitive.  I’m a provider.  I’m a fur-mom.  And . . . I’M DIVORCED!

So, where are the rest of you?!

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